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ariel : my band since 1995.

“..ariel use drums, a variety of string instruments including sitar, and keyboards to create their sensual attack, and the cure’s robert smith would kill to have the voice of ariel’s lead singer.” – exclaim!

project humanity
the middle place

Current Projects

Current Projects

Video Shoot and Editing:
Morro and Jasp “Do Puberty” and “Of Mice and Morro and Jasp”

Trailer and Music Composition:
The Balance Goddess from Cirque Du Soleil’s “Amaluna”: Lara Jacobs (Rigolo Nouveau Cirque)

Music Project in Montréal:
Ish∆r∆ and Christian Norton

Video Shoot and Producing:
“The World Burn” with Ali Rizvi Badshah

First set done with Lara Jacobs (Amaluna:Cirque Du Soleil) with an exciting announcement coming
about more models
“…Grudge Me Not Your Everlasting Beauty”.

Short Film: “Arrows” (in production)

Short Film: Treatment/Script “Enders: The Ghostwriter” (working title)

Short Film: Treatment/Script “Water Project” (working title)




Graphic Design
Mac and PC platforms!

Film/Video Production
My YouTube Channel

Musician (singer/guitarist/percussionist)





Jafri Media on Tumblr


I look forward to hearing from you.
Please call or write if you have any questions.

If you’re an artist, I’m always looking to collaborate with creatives of all disciplines.

Ali Jafri : Creative Director

Going back to the turn the of the century, I emerged as a communication artist with a penchant for semiotics!
I combine my creative experiences from the toy industry, as a business owner, a musician and in television as a commercial producer.

Starting out in the Dot-Com Boom with IPIX producing virtual tours, I have ventured through the colourful creative industry wearing many “hats”. This wealth of experience reflects the versatility of my skill set. My experience has taught me the importance of communication and the role of ’creative’ in the marketing scope. I have successfully lead many projects involving TV, video, music, photography, graphics, marketing communications and public relations. I also front an independent band called ARIEL (since 1995). Addicted to the creative process, evoking a response is what I like to do. It all comes back to communication, expression and meaning. It’s why I love applied semiotics*!

*The study of signs and symbols, especially as a means of language or communication.

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